Troop 840 at Newport State Park in Ellison Bay, WI enjoying a campfire while on Survival Weekend.


Troop 840 is an outdoors focused troop in Grafton, WI. It is sponsored by the Grafton Rose-Harms American Legion Post 355.  Active continuously for 60 years, it is the successor of Troop 40, which began in Grafton in 1930 – only 20 years after the Boy Scouts of America was started in the United States by an American businessman, William D. Boyce, and less than 25 years after Sir Robert Baden-Powell started the Boy Scout movement in England.

The original Troop 40 was composed of 12 Grafton boys. A Milwaukee teacher and local Justice of the Peace, Mr. James LeMahieu, became the first scoutmaster, and retained that position for 4 years. Scoutmaster Walter Just took over for Mr. LeMahieu and oversaw the recognition of the troop’s first Eagle Scout – Roy Harms – whose name is now a part of our sponsor – the Rose-Harms American Legion Post. Roy Harms is so honored because of his patriotic, life-giving service to our country during World War II. Roy Harms died when his bomber was shot down in a run over the Ploesti, Romania oil fields.

The troop remained active and chartered through 1952 – being sponsored by the Lions Club of Grafton for most of those early years, until the American Legion assumed sponsorship for some of the later years of that period. In 1956 the troop was rechartered, again with the American Legion as a sponsor, and has remained active since that date. Were it not for those few years, Troop 40 and 840 would now have been in continuous existence for 86 years.

Troop 840 is an active boy scout troop with an emphasis on the outdoors and a long, proud history.