High Adventure 2018 – Gettysburg

Abraham Lincoln before his address
Fort McHenry and the Star Spangled Banner
US Air Force Museum

This year’s troop High Adventure trek is a little less physically demanding – but is a valuable, historical experience. Because it is less physically demanding we are able to take 12 year old scouts that meet certain other requirements.

We travel to Gettysburg for 6 nights camping on the grounds of the famous civil war battle. As part of the trek we tour many areas that were part of the historic battle and the Gettysburg address. We also hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail. Also, as part of the trip : We visit Fort McHenry in Baltimore – the site of the inspiration for our national anthem ; We visit the memorial site of the crash of United Flight 93 – part of the terrorists attacks on the US on 9/11 ; And we visit the huge US Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio – camping on the air base grounds.

For more information click here to view and download the trip’s initial sign-up form.

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