Lucas, Jack and James enjoy the view atop one of the many lookout towers in Upper Michigan's Porcupine Mountains.

Joining Troop 840

Boy Scout Troop 840 Overview

If you are interested in joining our troop we ask that you attend a meeting and get to know us. It would be best that we know you are coming so an e-mail to the “scoutmaster” will let us know you are coming and also allow us to get back to you if there is something special about the time or place for the meeting on the night you are interested in attending.

Joining Troop 840 requires only that you complete a BSA application form and submit it to the Troop 840 Committee Chairman or Scoutmaster along with a check for $50 made out to “Troop 840”.
That $50 fee for the first year scouts covers:

  • Registration with BSA through 2017
  • Insurance : Regular BSA required insurance
  • Troop 840 neckerchief
  • Boy Scout handbook
  • Boys Life subscription

Subsequent years will be covered by an amount that equals the BSA registration fee, the insurance fee, and a small contribution toward the Boys Life subscription. This past year this re-chartering fee was $12. The troop picks up the majority of the cost of Boys Life, which we feel every boy should have.

Each boy should have a regulation Boy Scout “Class A” uniform shirt. Those are available at the West Bend Woolen Mills store (West Bend) and the Milwaukee Scout shop. Several “outgrown” shirts have been made available – if you need them.

We also ask that each scout have our new Class “B” shirts – a good, looking, forest green polo shirt – that was created to be our regular troop meeting shirt and the shirt that we wear traveling to and from outings. The cost to scouts for their first of these shirts is just $20. The balance of the cost has been picked up by the troop. Replacement shirts cost the full cost (currently $28). Using these Class B’s has made the Class “A” uniforms a more special uniform, for occasions like Courts of Honor, District, and Council events, etc.

During summer meetings, outdoor activities, etc. “Activity “ shirts (T-shirts from High Adventure trips, Summer Camp, etc.) will be the norm. These are usually acquired along the way in our scouting activities.

Troop 840 is an active boy scout troop with an emphasis on the outdoors and a long, proud history.